Charles Henry Turner
By: Rebecca Kenney

Birth: February 3, 1867
Birth place: Cincinnati, Ohio
Death: 1923
His father: Thomas was a custodian, and caretaker
His mother: Adeline was a nurse
Parents: His parents were slaves before, but were freed at the end of the American civil war. They didn't have much money so Charles had to entertain himself with the things around him, which were little insects.
What he was famous for: He was the first to prove that insects can hear, distinguish pitch and that cockroaches learn by trial and error, honey bees can identify different colors, patters, and smells, and they have a sense of time

· Charles went to an elementary school just for blacks
· He was always interested in insects forever
· He has always wondered so finally his teacher said if you want to know something so badly then go find it out you self, so he did
· He graduated from a Cincinnati high school
· Then he went to University of Cincinnati after that
· Charles got a Bachelors degree in 1891 and an Masters in 1892
· After he graduated he worked for a year there as an assistant for the university's biology laboratory, he had that for the previous year also
· Then in 1893 he accepted being the head for the department of science and agriculture at Clark university, (today known as Clark Atlanta university)
· He would be asking himself all these questions like can moths hear, how do wasp hunt? Then he would go and try to find it out
· Turner stayed at clark university until 1905
· He had also worked at a Tennessee and Georgia high school before
· The year after that Turner moved to St. Louis, Missouri to teach biology at Sumner high school which he remained for the rest of his career
· In 1888 he got married to Leontine troy
· In marriage with her he had two sons with her before her death in 1904
· After that he got married again to Lillian Porter
· From 1892 until his death in 1923 he had a lot of experiments on ants, bees, moths, spiders, and cockroaches.
· He wrote 50 scientific papers that got published in a scientific journal mostly in Journal of comparative Neurology
· In his big paper to get a PhD, he included the homing of ants and ants behavior
· Then he got a PhD from university of Chicago
· Then some people called the turning of the ants right out of the hole "turner circling"
· As well as doing all of his other stuff he wrote nature stories for younger children
· He fought to let homeless and other black lives better
· Once he died, a school that he had worked at changed their name to Charles H Turner middle school


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